About Us

Panilkanda Tea Factory is situated in Rathnapura district of down south of Sri Lanka. The factory has a long history extending to the time of colonial rule by British. Sometime after the independence factory was closed down by the government. In 1999 New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd restarted the factory by investing heavily on it.

Panilkanda Tea Factory invested heavily on new technology to reduce production cost & improve efficiency & quality. Company was pioneered to introduce plastic boxes to transport bought leaf & new electronic bought leaf system first time in Sri Lanka.

Also, Panilkanda Tea Factory , has a very good reputation for their generous social service & welfare projects around the region by donating to schools, temples, hospitals & general public.

As a company dedicated to manufacturing of quality teas, New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd in Sri Lanka can supply world famous “Ceylon Tea” grown in Sri Lanka & manufactured by Panilkanda Tea Factory in bulk quantities whenever people wants throughout the year.



New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd has taken a serious & financially risky step, which was manufacturing tea since a decade earlier, by investing heavily on Panilkanda Tea Factory which was shutdown & taken over by the forest for nearly a decade. We managed to overcome all the business & financial obstacles with strong dedication as a well managed company.

At that time the demise Panilkanda Tea factory became the most prestige symbol among other tea manufacturing factories in the area mainly due to the dedication of all of us. Also, the dead factory of that time now has become an exemplary tea manufacturing factory.

The long journey of New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd came by managing with all the good practices, has became a blessing to most of the tea farmers within the region & many Sri Lankan business entities who deal with the New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd.

Here, I give my blessings to Panilkanda Tea Factory of New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd, which has came a dedicated journey by overcoming all the obstacles with good practices to go further ahead without any interruptions.

Shantha Kumara

Managing Director

To begin with the dead Panilkanda Tea Factory only, was a serious challenge. Management & the production staff did many sacrifices to develop & to bring the Panilkanda Tea Factory to current state. The positive outcome of continues efforts by our staff to develop the factory has resulted many benefits for many people & institutions. Today, there are about 2000 members including service providers earn their bread & butter because New Saman Group (Pvt) Ltd has taken a risky investment to restart Panilkanda Tea Factory.

Also, we are very much proud of been done a justification to the name of world famous “CEYLON TEA” name by producing & presenting the very high quality “Panilkanda Tea” to the world tea market & managed to keep stay high the name of “CEYLON TEA”.

Also, Panilkanda Tea Factory well managed by adhering to the rules to protect nature & as a principal, company is devoted & heavily invested to Energy saving systems, Implemented welfare schemes to factory workers & registered Green leaf farmers, International quality certifications relevant to safe food manufacturing, worker safety & environmental safety. Additionally, due to many donations done silently to the benefit of the society to keep them standing up by the company, make many appreciations from the people of the surrounding areas.

We, the Panilkanda Tea Factory is dedicated to serve the community continuously and justifiably by managing the Panilkanda Tea Factory same way as it was in the past.